What are Nifty Souls ?

Money. Fame. Love. Those mortals all wished for something, more than anything else in the world… and they were willing to pay the ultimate price. This is their lives, hopes and dreams. This is their souls.


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How it works ?

-Each soul is unique, or, as mortals say, non-fungible.

– The buyer will receive a contract signed by the former soul owner.

– Each soul contains a mystery. Can you solve it?

Souls in stock

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001 The Soul of John Doe

004 Leimch De Nostredame

007 The Soul of Berenice II Euergetis

002 The Soul of Kayla Hugin

005 The soul of Iwa Burgess

008 The soul of Emmy Jane

003 The Soul of Ahossou Kaaro

006 The soul of Ryōji Nagisa

009 The soul of Fernando Pizarro


The buyer will  get a signed contract of the previous soul owner .


Nifty Souls

Who are we?

We are ethereal beings selling souls collected during the last few milleniums. We are helped by a willing mortal vessel that would be glad to discuss with you. On this realm, you can find us on:

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